About Us

Merbil Lojistik

Founded in 2002 as a joint venture between KILIC Group, a Turkish company, and SIMA Group, an Iraqi partnership, Merbil Logistics has ambitiously entered the land transportation sector by putting into service a total of 300 trucks, ie. 100 tank trucks and 100 self-owned taut liner trucks and 100 outsourced trucks, to compensate the demands of its clients.

With its main office located at strategic distance to Mersin International Port and Mersin Free Zone, our company also has branch offices in Gaziantep, Mardin/Nusaybin and Zakho/Iraq in order to fluently continue the quality of the service that it provides to its business associates and clients. Our branch office in Zakho is especially an indispensably strong constituent of Merbil Logistics, due to its location in the immediate vicinity of the Iraqi customs clearance point as well as its expert staff and equipment with respect to storage, load transfer, stowage.

By gradually expanding its objectives regarding fuel transportation, Merbil Logistics is currently continuing crude oil shipments between Iraq and Turkey. It proceeds to remain a favorite amongst its clients and business associates through its young, multi-lingual and energetic team, self-owned fleet satellite tracking system and modern technological hardware, its stance aimed at constantly renewing itself and a solution-oriented and cost-efficient approach to its business.

Standing out with its strong structure despite the fact that it is a comparatively young establishment, Merbil Logistics has carved out a niche for itself on the market by way of its highly developed fleet management and corporate organization. Its expertise with respect to international logistics is increasing day by day, by way of combining modern professional venture style with a traditional family company approach, by creating the most suitable logistics model for our clients, the beating heart of our enterprise, by offering more than the required support at each level of the transportation process and by acting in conformity with the principles mentioned in prevalent local and international legislation.

Adopting a vision in which it continuously faces new horizons, carefully follows innovations on the market and shows initiative to solve problems in conformity with global transportation trends that change daily, Merbil Logistics aims to continue its ambitious abilities formed on the first day of its foundation for many more years to come.


Reason to Choose Merbil Lojistik?

Huge Invesment

We believe that the most important thing is investment to workforce to access to this point.

Customer Focus

We work customer-oriented. Bring flexibility to the service policy of customer orientation is the first step.

Quality Service

We aim for a time lasting and sustainable profit without compromising the quality of service rather than a lot of profit.

Quality Policy

Without making any concessions of our total quality understanding, without deviating from humanitarian values, Under environment consciousness, Closely following the current technology, Providing maximum added value to the country’s economy through the synergy created by strategic collaborations to be established with local and international enterprises

Realizing the utmost level of individual and total work performance within the extent of synergy to be created by modern management practices, conscious and trained work force and teamwork, Creating such emphatic work environments to provide employees continual’ satisfaction

Using the resources of the company in the most effective way, under our customer oriented service commitment to meet customer needs and expectations at the maximum level, by developing systematic work flows and processing methods to create more rationalist, more conscious, faster and more economic and customer benefiting solutions, to become a leader and pioneer in national sector as well as to catch a competence level in international platform and to ensure continuance of the system, are acknowledged as the priorities and essential principles of our quality policy.

Our principles

  • Customer Orientation; Perceiving and meeting the current and future expectations of the client
  • Training and Development; Enabling ongoing development by way of obtaining information that will lead to improvement and change and direction of our behavior
  • Employee Satisfaction; Meeting our clients’ demands beyond measure
  • Respect for Environment and Society; Be responsive to expectations of the society and preservation of the environment during our procedures
  • Reliability; Speaking truth, compliance with ethic values
    Taking Responsibility; Taking charge by pushing limits with respect to information and abilities, even during strenuous works.

Our Mision

In such fields where our group is involved to ensure customer satisfaction and trust by completing the undertaken operation in quality, under international standards and at desired time, to encourage the employees to improve their knowledge and all potential at individual and corporate level to use them freely.

Our Vision

To become among the international reputable leading firms in its field by enlarging our current share in both national and international market.

Our Customers